Review: Platinum Salon Tampa

Back in October I had a very minor existential crisis and decided the best way to handle it would be to dye my hair platinum blonde about 4 inches from my roots. I initially loved it but it ended up fading into something super brassy and yellow basically making me look like a highlighter. I am extremely terrified of letting people in the U.S. dye my hair! I usually always get it colored when I’m in Colombia and my worst nightmare is my color looking like the icing on a Pillsbury toaster strudel.

After extensive research and with the help of Mariah Leonard, one of my favorite beauty gurus on YouTube, I came across Amanda Perkins at Platinum Salon. I was instantly hooked on all of her looks on Instagram and was secretly pleasantly surprised when she was booked a month in advance. I was literally counting down the days to my appointment, I was so excited.

When I arrived to the salon I was promptly given a tour. There was not a stray hair in sight, their level of cleanliness was top notch. The hairdryers were suspended from the ceiling giving it a very modern and minimalist look. Instead of being confined to a station there are several chairs in a living room style setting which felt much more comfortable. Amanda quickly went to work applying three different colors to my scalp in hopes to achieve a more natural, melted look. I brought several magazine clippings and pics on my phone, which all contradicted each other but Amanda immediately knew what I was going for.

When it came time to be shampooed I was whisked away to a room with candles and dimmed lighting, I received one of the best scalp massages I’ve ever had and I forgot I was in a salon and felt like I was in a spa. It was definitely one of the highlights of my visits.

When Amanda blow dried my hair I was in absolute shock. It was one of the most beautiful colors I have ever seen. It looked so natural yet still so different. She said it was a combination of balayage and shadow root.



You can find Amanda at Platinum Salon in Tampa, Florida.