The Quickest Way to Change Your Life.



When I’ve been at my lowest of lows my mom has always told me to focus on what I feel grateful for. She’s always taught me that gratitude will immediately cancel out any feelings of sadness because they cannot coexist at the same time.

There’s an app called The Five Minute Journal that I use that helps me stay in a positive and grateful. It was created by one of my favorite lifestyle vloggers, Mimi Ikonn and her husband Alex. This app only requires five minutes of your day but will definitely lead you to living a fuller and happier life. It’s not free but the investment is totally worth it. It’s also sold in book form which can be ordered online.

The concept is that every day as soon as you wake up you answer these questions:

What are you grateful for today? What would make today great? The app then has a place for you write your daily affirmations. I feel like if anyone read mine it would be filled with the most ridiculous things like marrying J. Cole, affirming that I will lose 10 pounds, and that my room clean itself but hey  A GIRL CAN DREAM.

Then before you go to sleep it asks you to list 3 amazing thing that happened today and then it asks you how you could have made the day better. There have been so many times that I have listed things that would make today great and by the time the day ends they have already come to fruition. I truly believe that manifesting your destiny by writing what you want to happen will only ensure that it’ll come to pass. It’s also a great way to keep track of your short term goals which will eventually lead you to achieve what you’ve been dreaming for so long. I’ve also even used it as a way to keep track of what clients I have to work on that day. Definitely download the app or order the book and let me know how your life has changed by spending five minutes a day on your journal!